Tahreez leverages an elite global security network that allows us to keep abreast of the latest developments and worldwide research in security technologies.

This feeds our product development so that each and every Tahreez product and service suits our clients’ needs and meets their expectations; keeping up with the rapid changes in the world of security, an environment that leaves no leeway for error.


Viken Detection – USA

Tahreez greatly values its partnership with Viken Detection, previously known as Heuresis. Viken Detection is an American company based in Boston, Massachusetts, and is considered one of the leading companies worldwide in providing technical solutions for metal detection and security imaging, helping police and judicial authorities to protect members of society from the effects of drug trafficking, terrorist acts, and security threats of various kinds. The Company provides clients with a variety of modern technologies, among which are the handheld security imaging equipment HBI-120 and Pb200i, known for their innovation excellence in comparison with their competitors.