Tahreez provides security systems and technological equipment for a wide range of segments and sectors:

  • Land borders

    Land borders

    The considerable geographic extent of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its shared borders with several of its neighboring countries

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  • Airports


    The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia contains a large number of national and international airports which witnesses substantial activity

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  • Seaports


    Tahreez provides Seaport security systems. This sector, which witnesses high traffic of a variety of goods

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  • Petroleum and Gas Facilities

    Petroleum & Gas Facilities

    As one of the biggest exporters of petroleum in the world, the Oil and Gas sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is of extreme importance

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  • Industrial Facilities

    Industrial Facilities

    The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is home to a large number of factories and warehouses

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  • Private Companies

    Private Companies

    Tahreez provides a bouquet of security technologies designed to support the specific needs of private companies

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