About Us

Tahreez specializes in providing technologically advanced security solutions for vital installations and public organizations as well as the private sector in Saudi Arabia.


Licensed by the Saudi Ministry of Commerce, Tahreez is a wholly owned subsidiary of Alturki Holding, one of the Kingdom’s leading investment companies and a key player in the development of Saudi Arabia’s major infrastructure projects since its establishment in 1975.

The Tahreez

The word Tahreez comes from the verb harraza, which means to vigilantly safeguard.

From the root of this word several terms are derived for the concept of safeguarding such as the word “hirz” which is a safe container to hold things or a safe place to seek shelter. Therefore, we chose the name Tahreez for our company out of pride in our Arabic language and its beauty and precision in meaning, and because the word itself expresses the highest level of protection and safeguarding.