Kingdom Security

Health, Education and Security are the three pillars deemed essential for human development.


All the gains of civilization face the potential loss of their value if safety is threatened. High-value property could transform from a source of strength to the individual or corporation into a liability or weakness that threatens stability, all in the absence of advanced technology to protect property and information.

The human’s need for security has been apparent since the dawn of time in the presence of the duality of good and evil as an essential fact of nature. The concept of security has developed in step with human civilization and is not limited to physical security and its primitive form as exemplified by protection from harm caused by natural disasters or war.

Today, security takes different forms, prominent among which is Information Security, and, in an age like today, the odds are in the favor of those who know more. It is the Digital Age.

The Security Shield
Security Challenge

We believe in the perpetual race between good and evil. We also believe that the challenge in this race multiplies with the increase in human knowledge.

In a country such as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where civilization and economy flourish and valuable resources are abundant, security risks increase in severity and variety. This is clearly seen today in the security challenges facing the Kingdom in light of the gains it is achieving, and in light of its geographical location in an area fraught with conflict.

We sensed the great need for the most advanced levels of security, for both individuals and corporations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to coincide with the rapid developments occurring here in different fields, and in order to maintain its gains and internal stability to help sustain growth.

We therefore observed the available technologies in the local market and compared it to the latest in security and protection tools worldwide, and we found that we possessed the knowledge and the corporate relations needed to bring modern technologies that would take protection and security in both government and private sectors in the Kingdom to a whole new level.

We have the skills, experience and resources to enable establishments to benefit from technology to protect their assets, reduce the drain on their resources, and be able to focus on their core business and main objectives. It was here, precisely, that Tahreez was born.