Critical Infrastructure

Tahreez enables critical capabilities for securing the Kingdom’s landmark projects, and critical infrastructure, limiting disruption of utilities, and deterring high-risk land, air, and marine threats.

Critical Infrastructure

The company draws on its extensive qualifications to provide highly scalable integrated security solutions, for facilities of all sizes and levels of complexity, delivering highest situational awareness and ease of response when needed, while allowing customers to gain a closer look at their operational procedures and engage in more accurate risk assessments.

Tahreez offers customizable solutions including long- and short-range intrusion detection alarm systems, smart video surveillance, hostile vehicle mitigation, access control management, and screening systems integrated within a master management platform (PSIM or C2) among others.

Tahreez specializes in protection of the marine frontier and offshore plants where its security shell proposal covers Boat Perimeter Exclusion System, under-water intrusion detection, long range surface and aerial detection, tracking and if needed neutralizing systems.

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